There is everything to experience at the sauna marathon

What would a sauna be without infusions and ceremonies? Of course, these are a must at the Sauna Marathon! Thanks to numerous partnerships, the Sauna Marathon also promises a culinary journey: A freshly tapped Schaffhausen Falkenbier is just as much a part of it as a glass of Schaffhausen Pinot Noir, a mulled wine and the sausage cooked on the sauna stove by the Finnenverein.

Rhysauna with experience and relaxation infusions

Rhysauna with yurts accommodating a bistro, relaxation areas and a sauna, as well as a barrel sauna and one made of local pinewood

The Rhysauna is the cradle of the Schaffhausen sauna marathon. This is where we are at home. Here, sauna culture is celebrated with just as much passion by the numerous volunteer members. Founded in 2019, the association has already around 175 members and operates the Rhysauna in the Rhybadi during the winter months.
The great offers of the Rhysauna will of course also be available during the sauna marathon and so participants can look forward to both relaxation and party infusions with music. Salt scrubs are also on the program.

Banya ritual with the Sauna World Höchenschwand

Gian-Claudio Mayer and his team from the Sauna world Höchenschwand, well known for their passionate sauna ceremonies, pamper participants in the Schaffhausen Sauna Marathon with the original Siberian Banya ritual. Birch twigs soaked in water are used to gently beat the backs of the participants which improves blood circulation, relaxes and cleans mind and body.

Gian-Claudio Mayer from the Saunawelt Höchenschwand at the Banja ritual

Cold draught Falken beer: The ideal partner to a bath in warm beer!

Schaffhausen's independent brewery, Falken Brauerei, is also not to be missed at the Schaffhausen Sauna Marathon! Schaffhauseners like to treat themselves to a sip of home with Falken beer.
At the sauna marathon, every participant receives a glass of freshly draught Falken beer in front of the in-house Falken restaurant in Schaffhauser Vorstadt to go with the warm malt bath - Works well a cold beer in a warm beer bath. Cheers!

Falken Brewery: The traditional beer from Schaffhausen - and the perfect thirst quencher after the sauna

A glass of Schaffhausen Pinot Noir!

20 years ago Schaffhauser winegrowers and winemakers adopted a consistent quality strategy which transformed the canton into a high performing wine region. With a great deal of passion and in harmony with nature, fabulous white and red wines are produced in a quantity previously never thought possible. Refreshing , drinkable aperitifs, but also strong, harmonious companions for food . Pinot Noir plays the leading role. Two out of three vines contain Pinot Noir grapes. It is seconded by countless other grape varieties such as Riesling-Silvaner, Chardonnay or Merlot.
At the Schaffhauser Saunamarathon, wines can be tasted at the Visitor Center of Schaffhauserland Tourismus on Vordergasse. One glass per participant will be offered. To your health!

A good glass of Schaffhausen wine should not be missing at the sauna marathon!

Sausages from the sauna stove at the Finnish club

In Schaffhausen there is also a section of the Association of Friends of Finland. The association was founded in the period after the Second World War, when Swiss people offered help to Finns. Today the association promotes mutual friendship and cultural exchange.
And that's what we do at the Sauna Marathon: The Friends of Finland have their own sauna in the Rhybadi during the winter months. Everyone is welcome when sausages are cooked on the sauna stove. The Finns cook the sausages to go with beer in so-called "Makkarapussi" (Finnish for sausage bag) directly on the sauna stove. This is accompanied by Finnish beer! Kippis!

Peter Tschannen from the Finnish Assosciation , out door cooking in front of their sauna

A real sauna train

This is the sauna train: a real eye-catcher: two historic and restored circus wagons with wooden shingles house a small, wood-fired sauna "Globetrotters Day Spa". Paul Busse from Freiburg im Breisgau (DE) travels with it through the country in the old showman's style, promoting "artful sauna bathing," as he says, meaning the objective of sauna bathing as a healing as opposed to a mundane fun and wellness bath. The 18 m long team is pulled by a Unimog convertible, built in 1978, maximum permitted speed 25 km/h. Attached are two historic showmen's wagons, the older of which was built in Strasbourg in 1911. The second dates from the 1930s and houses a sauna stove to be heated with wood.

The sauna train with the two historical circus wagons

Sociable Löyly with the Saunah Association

"Saunah - the Association, which makes everyone sweat", is how the club based in Brütten (ZH) describes itself. More than 30 members regularly enjoy the authentic Finnish sauna with wood stove and a löyly (infusion), with great conversations in the sauna and also sometimes holding a beer while sweating.
The Saunah Association will also be present at the Sauna Marathon and will bring its three mobile saunas, a warm water pool and a tent sauna. An eye-catcher will be the glazed sauna "Lasi" (Finnish for glass) and the "Puola" with wood from Poland. We are looking forward to sociable hours.

The glazed sauna "Lasi" with pool from the Saunah Association

Relaxing in the new therapy pool of the Rheumatism League

Only in spring it could be opened: The new therapy pool of the Rheumatism League in the steel foundry. It is the only hot water bath with a continuous temperature of 33 °C. The sponsor of the bath is the "Schaff wass". The bath was largely financed by donations. Although the bath is already completed and in operation, the foundation is dependent on donations for sustainable financing of the bath.
The warm water bath is accessible for participants of the sauna marathon.

The new therapy pool of the Rheumaliga invites you to take a bath at 33°C.

Variety in the wellness park of the KSS

The KSS amusement park is the largest leisure facility in the city of Schaffhausen with an indoor swimming pool and a sauna (wellness park "Aisuma"). The wellness park includes a Finnish sauna (85°C), a bio sauna (55°C), a log cabin sauna in the garden (91°C), a barrel sauna (70°C), a relaxation room and a sound and light room. The wellness park regularly hosts "midnight saunas".
The Wellness Park is open for participants of the Sauna Marathon.
On Friday evening, the warm-up party will also take place at the KSS from 21:00h, and the indoor pool with the heated outdoor pool (34°C) can also be used.

On the KSS there is also a heated outdoor pool, which can be used at the sauna marathon.

Raclette and City Wellness at Hotel Kronenhof

The Kronenhof in the old town of Schaffhausen is a traditional hotel with the largest hotel-owned wellness facility ("City Wellness") and a popular restaurant with home-style cooking. The City Wellness
with an area of 200m2 offers a Finnish sauna, a sanarium, an aroma steam bath, a Kneipp and outdoor area as well as a rest and reading room.
As an hospitality partner the Hotel Kronenhof offers a Sauna Marathon package including an overnight stay available from mid-September.
During the sauna marathon the restaurant Kronenhof offers tasty raclette.

City Wellness at Hotel Kronenhof. Wellness in the heart of the old town.

Tent romance with Alpine Sauna

Alpine sauna, that's Lukas, Daniel and Philemon - three buddies who not only share a passion for the mountains, but also their penchant for saunas. For once, the alpine sauna tents will not be enjoyed on the mountain peaks, but at the Schaffhausen Sauna Marathon. An unforgettable experience.

Beautifully crafted sauna tents from "Alpine Sauna" with a viewing window: a unique experience!

Surprise in HaSaBu

The indoor swimming pool, originally built in 1974 by the Wogesa housing cooperative, was taken over in 2021 by a cooperative specifically created for this purpose, "Indoor swimming pool sauna Buchthalen (HaSaBu)", with the aim of preserving the bath in the long term.
The facility consists of the swimming pool (8 x 16.7 m, 30 °C), three Finnish saunas and a steam bath.
For the sauna marathon HaSaBu opens its doors and there is a little surprise for all participants.

HaSaBu offers a swimming pool, three Finnish saunas and a steam bath.